Expansion Modules for Alarm System

Expansion module for alarm system

In this category you will find a range of alarm system expansion modules for the best price that you can find online. Expansion modules are designed to increase the number of connected devices or so called zones for alarm systems, when there is a need to connect more sensors, magnetic contacts or other elements.

How does it work?

Expansion model is connected directly to the control panel and has a technical compatibility requirements, therefore before choosing alarm system expansion module you should look up at the control panel’s technical specification’s data sheet that is provided by manufacturer or you can also find it in our control panel product catalogs to see how many additional zones panel can support.

What else can you find?

Here in our store you can also find wireless alarm system expansion modules which are used for a wireless security alarm systems. Wireless expansion modules can not only provide higher number of zones but also turn any wired sensor, detector or other kind of security system element into wireless device. Basically, the device is intended to expand alarm system capabilities by providing wireless connection access to any third-party wired devices. Wireless connectivity is a hardly predictable way to ensure smooth operation of system therefore we offer wireless signal repeaters which expands the wireless signal range between alarm systems and wireless devices and provides better connectivity.

If you have any questions about alarm system expansion modules or having a hard time choosing right one for your security system, feel free to contact us. We will answer all of your questions and will recommend you the best suiting solution for your needs and will offer you the best price that you can find online.