Motion Detectors & Sensors

Motion sensor, detector

In this category you will find range of motion sensors for the best price that you can find online. Sensors are protection elements allowing to capture motion, smoke, temperature, water leaks or other factors.

How does it work?

Sensors can capture information and transmit it to the brain of security system which is control panel. Control panel processes received information from motion sensor and gives a signal to main controller to start the alarm, call or send text message to the owner or security patrol.

What kind of types we offer?

There are quite a few types of motion detectors to be used in security systems.

  • Ones can be used to protect perimeter and are called curtain motion sensors. Such alarm sensors work in laniary method and protects line from being crossed.
  • Other kind of motion detectors can be called standard, as they cover a limited range of area and have different motion sensing angle.
  • As well as other security system elements, motion detectors also can be wireless.

Make it wireless

Some of these wireless detectors can be autonomous, containing main control panel and GSM module built-in inside of them. That way they can work as a centralized system and does not require any other components, but also can make a connection and operate with other wireless security alarm devices. Other motion sensor alarms can be made to be wireless and connected to wireless security system using signal repeaters.

Is there any false detections?

In order to promote accurate home security, you can find motion detector with pet immunity function, that allows to avoid false detections and can tolerate home pets up to 25 and more kilograms.

If you have any questions regarding motion sensor alarms or having hard time choosing one for your security system, be sure to contact us. We will answer all of your questions and will recommend you the best suiting option for your application and will offer you the best price that you can find online.