Autonomous Smoke Detector Kupu, form Jalo Helsinki, Chrome

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Photoelectric fabric smoke alarm, battery powered and intended for domestic use. Contrary to the other smoke alarms the entire front surface functions as test button. Fast and easy installation with 3M adhesive tape. Innovative technology allows Kupu smoke alarm detector to sense smoke from different types of fires.  

The smoke alarm is equipped with a self diagnostic and checking feature to ensure correct operation through its service life.

  • Sensing Element: Photoelectric
  • Color: Chrome
  • Operating environment: Domestic
  • Operating voltage: 9V
  • Maximum humidity: 90%
  • Current consumption: 15mA operation, XmA alarm mode
  • Sound volume: 85dB at a distance of 3 meters
  • Operating temperature: 0°C – 45 °C 
  • Holding temperature of 3M fixing tape: 35 °C – 93 °C
  • Battery: 3x 3V lithium batteries (IEC-CR2450) in series Malak CR2450 Lithium Cell 3V
  • Uses three CR2450 – type 3V Lithium batteries to achieve 5 years of operation lifetime


Height 110mm
Width 110mm
Depth 39mm
Weight 0.165kg