In this category you will find wide range of Hikvision security cameras and other CCTV equipment for the best price that you can find online. Hikvision is one of the largest CCTV equipment manufacturer in the world offering security cameras, DVR and NVR video recording devices for surveillance systems, security systems and their accessories. Here in our store we offer various technologies of Hikvision security cameras. You can choose from various resolutions and body types of IP cameras for advanced quality view as well as economy systems such as Turbo-HD which is best solution for old systems renewal or as a newly installed CCTV system for basic surveillance needs. Hikvision provides Turbo HD technology that can transmit HD, Full HD or even higher resolution over same coaxial cables, therefore it will help you to save money and time as long as there is no need for pulling through new cables, just install these new cameras and Turbo HD DVR and your upgraded system is ready to go. If you are looking for more advanced video surveillance system, choose ones from IP Hikvision cameras. We offer Hikvision cameras that resolution ranges from 1.3 megapixel to 4 or 5 and higher according to your specific requirements. Hikvision NVR recorders have built-in PoE power supply that works perfectly with IP cameras giving an ability to power cameras over the same cable as video is bending transferred. It makes installation quick and easily affordable. We provide Hikvision security camera kits that have all the elements necessary for a professional video surveillance. Kits include various numbers of cameras, DVR or NVR video recording devices with preinstalled hard disk drive with the capacity of your choice and cables are optional. These kits are fully DIY so you will be able to perform all the installation yourself. Along the side of equipment also we will provide all the necessary information and manuals for satisfying system operation and trustworthy service. If you have any questions regarding Hikvision cameras or other Hikvision security equipment or just having a hard time choosing right solution for your applications, please, feel free to contact us. We will answer all of your questions and recommend you the best option suiting all your requirements for the best price that can be found online