In this category you will find wide range of Seagate security camera hard disk drives for the best price that you can find online. These hard disk drives are optimized for DVRs and NVRs video recorders, Seagate surveillance drives are tuned for 4 hours 7 days a week workloads in capacities from 1 BT up to 10 TB. Equipped with enhanced firmware, Seagate surveillance hard disk drive helps to minimize dropped frames and downtime with a workload rating 3x more than a desktop drive and is ready to record up to 90% of the time while supporting large systems of surveillance cameras. These hard drives are supported by all of our NVRs and DVRs that you can find in our store. HDD must be chosen according to how much of a video footage you need to store locally for a playback. Recording time depends on the quality settings that are set in the recording device and cameras and cameras resolution. We offer Seagate security camera that has disk drives from minimum 1 TB to 4 TB capacity. Hard disk drives support and can record up to 64 cameras simultaneously without losing data or skipping important places and avoiding latency. Camera systems which have recording devices with large number of video channels whether it is IP, analog or HD-SDI technology system, can support few hard disk drives. This can be defined by looking on to technical specification in a product pace and seeing how many sata interfaces the recorder contains. If you have any questions regarding Seagate camera security system hard disk drives or other products or just having a hard time choosing right solution for your applications, please, feel free to contact us. We will answer all of your questions and recommend you the best option suiting all your requirements for the best price that can be found online.