CCTV connectors

In this category you will find wide range of CCTV connectors for the best price online. There are few CCTV connectors types that are used in security systems.

What types do we offer?

  • One type of connectors are used to transmit video or sound signal over various types of cables.
  • Others are used for transmitting power.
  • There is a type of connection that is used for both video and power to be transmitted over same cable.

UTP connectors

Such connectors are called UTP connectors and are mounted onto UTP cable ends. UTP cable and connector usually have 4 pairs of wires, of which one pair is used to transmit power and other three pairs to transmit video, audio or other type of data. Such CCTV connector type is used in IP technology for IP cameras and recording devices. Therefore there is an ability to ease an installation work to only one cable to be conducted.

DC power supply

Other CCTV connectors may be used for DC (direct current) power supplies. Many of CCTV system elements are designed to work using DC currents and some of the equipment does not contain PoE (power over Ethernet) built-in module. Therefore there is DC connector which allows to extend a cable and transmit power to a device in an easy and simple plug and play way.

How to choose?

Such DC connectors are universal and can be used for various cables, also both IP and analog technology cameras has built in DC connectors, so there is some versatility in choice how you want to power up your equipment. For analog technology, as well as HD-SDI, there is BNC connector, BNC + F, F type connector, for RG59 cable that is commonly used to transmit video signal from camera to a recording device.

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