Junction Boxes

CCTV junction box

In this category you will find wide range of CCTV junction boxes for the best price online you can find. Category contains various dimensions and types of mounting boxes, CCTV camera mount elements, many boxes of cable connection junctions for various surfaces.

What can you find?

Our product catalog contains essential information about mounting elements, such as necessary CCTV junction box mounting surface, dimensions of mounts in various boxes, weights, supported hold up weights. Therefore, here you will be able to see all compatible items for your equipment or choose and replenish right components.

Where can it be used?

Junction boxes are mainly used to protect connection of cables from water, corrosion or other external environmental impact. CCTV junction boxes also provide more aesthetic cable installation on outdoor facade or internal borders. That allows to centralize cable lines which runs from recording devices to cameras of security system components like routers or switches. In the most cases CCTV junction box works as a simple and easy to install insulator for shorting an electrical circuit or providing secure connection between separated data transference lines. These junction boxes are universal, fitting various dimension cables and various numbers of cable lines to be inputted.

Need some help?

If at any point you are not able to find what you were looking for or what seems right for your situation, please, feel free to contact us. Our team of specialists will answer all of your questions and recommend the best suiting option for your situation and specific requirements you have for best prices that you can find online.