Camera microphone

In this category you will find a range of microphones for security cameras for the best price online.

What can it do?

CCTV microphone is used for cameras that have audio input and outputs installed onboard. Such cameras have an ability to process and transfer sound signals to recording device or to make a sound available on live stream when watching it remotely using smartphone or computer. Some of the CCTV microphones are already installed in cameras and makes up a centralized audio and video system.

Where can it be used?

Usually such CCTV cameras with microphone are applied for indoor use, where is no wind or other environmental effects to interfere the quality or cause extraneous noises. External high sensitivity microphones can cover aria radius from 20 to 30 meters depending on the environment. These microphones for cameras are mounted externally somewhere aside by the camera, usually the most economical way to mount one is to attach it to the mount of camera and select right position because these microphones for cameras are not surrounded and can best pick sounds from a front where membrane is.  However some cameras not only have a microphone installed onboard but also have a loud speaker for a two way communication. As well these cameras are tend to be used for indoor areas.

Need some help?

If you have any questions regarding CCTV camera microphone or systems with built-in microphone or having a hard time choosing right item for your application, be sure to contact us. We will answer all of your questions and recommend you the best suiting camera microphone you need and will offer you the best price that you can find online.