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CCTV camera power supplies

In this category you will find a range of CCTV camera power supplies for the best price online.

Types of power supplies

There are various types of power supplies for security cameras.

  • Ones are used for a single camera, those have a lower stream and can power only up to one device. Such power supplies usually have up to 1 ampere stream and can transmit power over short distances of cables.
  • Others that have a higher output stream are capable of powering more cameras at the same time over longer distance cables.

How to choose?

To be sure what CCTV camera power supply is best for a single camera or a system you should see a manufacturers’ data sheet of technical specifications it also can be found in our product catalogs. The most common way of powering cameras is using DC (direct current) adapters, therefore almost all of the cameras out in a market is designed to be powered that way.

What else can you find?

Here in our store you can also find CCTV camera power supply splitters. These splitters have one input that needs to be plugged to a main power supply and has from two to eight outputs with same DC connectors for more cameras to be powered. These connectors are universal so can be used with our cables for analog or HD-SDI cameras, also can be used for every IP camera as a conventional local power supply.

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