32 channels NVR recorders

What is it?

An IP NVR recorder with 32-channels means that this hardware is capable of recording and streaming video feeds from up to 32 individual cameras simultaneously. It is one of the most capable gadgets in our IP CCTV camera systems category. For most of our clients’ video surveillance needs a 32-channel Network video recorder or NVR will be enough. For smaller facilities or buildings, this hardware provides a room for expansion and growth in the future. This is arguably the most optimised NVR solution you can buy in our store.

What do we offer?

At we have a broad range of 32-channel Dahua or Hikvision NVR’s for sale. Clients with various needs can find exactly what they were looking for. If you struggle to find proper hardware or have any questions about it – do not hesitate to reach out to our live support. You can also contact us via other channels. The latter include email communication or filling out a request form.

What is more, the 32-channel online network video recording system which you buy from us gets a 3-year warranty. A 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support for all of your equipment is also included in the buy price. At, we spend much time refining our product range. We do not just settle for good quality CCTV solutions. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. As a certified and licensed supplier and re-seller of video surveillance equipment, we guarantee delivery of professional 32-channel recording equipment!

Where can it be used?

A 32-channel NVR is very capable. Its potential to record and/or stream up to 32 different unique feeds from cameras makes it ideal for many situations. Smaller facilities and institutions can get it with the idea of growing and having sufficient video surveillance capabilities later on. For medium or even large-scale video surveillance, this is also an option which delivers enough performance.

We can recommend this equipment to almost any business or organisation. The user-friendly software makes it simple to use. Hotels, parking garages, shopping malls, gyms, restaurants, night clubs – everyone from A to Z could make the most of this hardware.

In terms of its location, the NVR should be kept safe and secure. Make sure they are in a place with no moisture or temperature extremities. would recommend storing it in a dedicated security office, enclosed safe or a secure area nonetheless. Remember that it is the ‘brains’ behind your video surveillance operation.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the model and technical capabilities of the selected 32-channel Network video recorder.

Also, in terms of price and performance, these units with 32 channels are near the top. offers cheap prices for great equipment. You may find sales and deals. Use them while you can because discounts are only applicable for a limited time.

If you have custom requirements or individual needs – fill out the request form or contact the live help. We will prepare a quote.

What would recommend?

We would like to recommend Dahua or Hikvision recorders. However, compelling and useful suggestions can only be made after we get to know your exact needs. For that, it would be best if you contact us via live chat or other channels.

Since the list of 32-channel NVR’s that is for sale is quite extensive, there could be more than one product which might satisfy your needs. Once we get more information about your situation, can provide you with a quote or a suggestion.

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

All orders for 32-channel NVR’s and other video surveillance equipment get FREE SHIPPING. All orders are usually delivered within 3-5 business days. Depending on your location, you could receive the delivery in 1 business day or no more than seven business days.


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