8 Cameras HD CCTV Kits

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What are HD CCTV cameras?

High-definition CCTV cameras are type of video surveillance camera can capture video in a high-definition format (from 1080p). Most of the time these cameras are quite compact, yet able to capture crystal-clear footage and broadcast it over coaxial connection. In an 8 HD CCTV Camera Kit you will find a collection of devices - 8 HD CCTV Cameras, DVR Recorder and Hard disc drive - everything that's necessary to help you set it up and running. The primary accent of a HD CCTV camera is that it must be connected to a recorder which has sufficient hardware and software capabilities to record high-quality footage.

Where can they be used?

These systems are great everywhere. Hotel, parking garage, shopping mall, factory and office building security can benefit from buying a secret or visible Dahua and/or Hikvision HD CCTV Camera Kit. In the category of HD CCTV equipment, the single-camera kit is the most straightforward and simple selection you can buy online cheap with regards to software and overall accessibility.

Simple to set up and easy to maintain and repair, HD CCTV cameras can be placed almost anywhere. You can secretly videotape or provide much-needed security to a specific part of your building, facility or territory.

How much does it cost?

Costs for kits may vary. The final buy price depends on the tech specifications of your product. If it has many additional features, it is likely that this HD CCTV system might cost slightly more. All product (which are available for sale) prices are visible in the product catalogue. Check them out and compare them at your own pace. Keep note, that buying a kit will always be cheaper than buying everything separately. 

Do not overlook sales. If your kit is for sale online – never hesitate to purchase! Sales are only for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance.

Why choose us?

Years of experience being a supplier of video surveillance solutions, recognition and praise from our clients and globally renowned partners like Dahua and Hikvision allow us to firmly believe and state that we are amongst the leaders in the market of good, high-quality WIFI or wired HD CCTV and all other video surveillance equipment and solutions. Our helpful support will solve all issues, answer all questions and help with setup or troubleshooting.

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