IP Camera CCTV Kits

IP CCTV kits

In this category, you will find wide range of IP CCTV kits for the best price. In this wide variety of kits, you will find the best solution for your situation. We provide many options for indoor and outdoor applications where every option may be adjusted according to your requirements to fulfill your specific needs.

Why kits?

All our kits are easy to install and fully DIY so you will save money and be able to perform all the installation yourself. IP CCTV kits that we provide have a recording device with an integrated PoE power supply so no additional power supplies are required. Just connect one end of the cable to camera and the other one to a network recording device and you are ready to go.


Both video and power are transmitted over the same cable. Tell us length of the cables you need and we will pre-make them for you. Packages include detailed instructions about camera system connection and basic recorder settings, therefore you will be able to change recording schedules, passwords, add and manage users and perform other functions any time you want anyhow you need.

Online review

All our IP CCTV camera kits have an ability to be connected to the internet for a remote online watch so you can access and review recorded footage or live view from anywhere in a world as well as the full control over your system.

If you cannot find a kit that meets your requirements from a given ones, please feel free to contact us. We will give you all the necessary information to choose the right equipment and will offer specially customized IP CCTV camera kit for the best price.