4 Cameras IP Kits

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4 camera IP kits

In this category you will find a wide range of 4 camera IP kits for the best price that you can find online. 4 camera IP kits that we offer meets all professional video surveillance requirements and can be applied to any specific situation whether you need to use it in an outdoor environment or provide video surveillance in indoor places.

Easy to install

These kits suits both business and personal property applications and can be installed without any help from professional which allows to save money and perform all the installation yourself. We provide preconfigure IP CCTV kits that comes with all the information and manuals that are needed to operate the system. Also every 4 camera IP kit has a recording device with built-in PoE power supply that also simplifies the installation process as long as there is only one cable required to pull through for single camera. That way both video and power and transmitted over the same UTP cable.

Possibility to customize

Kits that we offer can be customized by your choice. You can choose the hard disk drive capacity of your choice according to what length of a video footage you need to store locally in your recording device. If you need cables and you are not able to find the right length for your specific installation works that you are planning to do, be sure to contact us and we will premake them for you according to your given requirements.


Worth to mention that all of our kits can be connected to the internet for a remote live view, video footage playback or system control. Therefore you will be able to look after your property from anywhere in the world.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or having trouble choosing the right 4 camera IP kit for you specific requirements, be sure to contact us. Our team of specialists will answer all of your questions and will recommend you the best option for your personal needs for the best price that you can find online.