ELDES EW2 Wireless expansion module

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ELDES EW2 is a wireless expansion module that turns any wired sensor into wireless. The device is intended to expand ELDES alarm system capabilities by providing wireless connection access to any third-party wired devices. 

  • Battery or externally-powered.
  • Compatible with any third-party wired sensor or siren.
  • 2 NTC/PT1000 temperature sensor terminals.
  • EW2 comes equipped with 4 zone terminals designed for wired digital sensor connection, such as magnetic door contact, motion detector etc.
  • In addition, the 2 open-collector outputs on board allow to connect any wired siren as well as to connect and control any electrical appliance, such as gates, lights, watering etc.
  • The maximum wireless connection range is 150m (492.13ft) (in open areas).


Supply voltage

7-15V 50mA max

Supported batteries

1,5V Alkaline AA type LR6 (IEC) / 15A (ANSI/NEDA)

Number of batteries


Battery operation time

~18 months

Number of zones


Zone connection type

NC (normally-closed)

Number of PGM outputs


Maximum commuting PGM output values

2 × 25V; 150 mA

Supported temperature sensor types

10kΩ NTC; PT1000

Wireless band



82×63×17mm (3.23×2.48×0.67in)