Eldes GSM/GPRS communicator ET082

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ET082 is a micro-controller based device intended to replace the third-party PSTN/non-GSM alarm panel communication method via theGSM and IP-based networks. It can be used for property security, Non-GSM/PSTN alarm panel communication  replacement by GSM, SMS, GPRS, CSD or Ethernet communication methods, for backup connection for PSTN (land line), any electrical appliance control: lighting, watering, heating etc, remote reboot of the “frozen” systems, such as computer network or a server.

Main features:

  • Configuration by PC and SMS text message.
  • Supported  communication  methods:  PSTN,  Voice  Calls  (direct  channel  or  data  buffering  via  GSM  audio),  SMS,  CSD,  GPRS  network  andEthernet via ELAN3-ALARM device.
  • PSTN line state supervision.
  • Supported communication protocols: Ademco Contact ID, 4+2, Scancom, EGR100, Kronos, SIA IP.
  • Alarm panel wiring via PSTN (RING/TIP terminals) or keybus (serial data) interface.
  • 3  inputs  customizable  as  NO  (normally-open)  or  NC  (normally-closed)  with  customizable  alarm/restore  Contact  ID  code  and  text  formonitoring station notification and user by SMS text message respectively.
  • 3  open-collector  outputs  for  electrical  appliance  control,  non-GSM  alarm  panel  arming/disarming  (keyswitch)  or  alarm/restore  eventreport.
  • Manual output control by free of charge phone call and SMS text message.
  • Automatic output control in accordance with a specified event.
  • Up  to  3  users  for  minor  device  configuration  by  SMS  text  messages,  acceptance  of  input  alarm  SMS  text  messages,  output  control  bySMS text message and free of charge phone call.
  • Up to 5 users for SMS text message containing Contact ID data converted to user-understandable text acceptance.
  • Up to 2 administrators for remote device configuration initiation.
  • Event log indicating communication activity in real-time.
  • Periodic self-test notification to monitoring station.
  • Automatic device restart


Supply voltage

10-24V AC/DC, 300mA max

Peak current

Up to 700mA

Current used in idle state .

Up to 120mA

GSM modem frequency

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Number of “low” level (negative) digital inputs


Output C1 - C3 circuit .

  Open collector output.1 ROUTOutput is pulled toCOM when turned ON.

Maximum commuting output values .

3 x 30V; 50mA
Generated phone line values

Voltage: 48V; current: 25mA; impedance: 270Ω

Dial tone frequency of generated phone line .

425 Hz


129x78x18mm (5.08x3.07x0.71in)

Operating temperature range.

-20...+55 °C (-4... +131°F)


 0-90% RH @ 0... +40°C (0-90% RH @ +32... +104°F) (non-condensing)