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Business security cameras

In this category you can find a wide selection of business security cameras at the best price in online store. We offer a variety of business solutions by usage and situations, so you can find clearly identified product groups in our range, which allow you to choose the best business security cameras quickly and easily that meet your requirements.

What can we offer for you?

We offer solutions for the protection of outdoor and indoor areas, employee monitoring, equipment to upgrade your old CCTV system, as well as business security systems, and intercom solutions. In the category of security cameras for business, you can find a wide range of video surveillance system kits for both indoor and outdoor use. These video surveillance systems can be effectively adjusted for daily monitoring of employees at the workplace, general safety of premises or can be combined together with the video telephony systems, which will ensure not only the function of video camera safety but also access control. You can combine video surveillance system for your business on your own, or you can choose from pre-manufactured kits of security cameras for business.

What is included in security system kits? 

The kits have all the necessary elements that will be needed for high-quality and reliable protection. The kit includes a video surveillance device with an appropriate amount of video channels, which you can choose according to your needs, as well as the hard drive, which will contain all the recorded information and the cameras. You can choose pre-manufactured wiring, but if you have a different need, please contact us, tell the length of cables you need and we will produce them for you.

How difficult is to install it?

Installation of video surveillance systems is simple and straightforward. All kits of IP video surveillance systems have equipment with integrated PoE power, which means that the device is powered by the same cable, as the image is transferred. This facilitates installation noticeably and allows to carry out all the work without professional help.

Need some help?

If you have difficulties choosing a business security cameras system, please contact us and our experts will help you to choose the best option for your situation and your needs.