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ELDES PITBULL is a complete wireless GSM intrusion alarm system.

Designed for houses, cottages, country homes, summer houses garages and other premises. PITBULL uses GSM/GPRS communication channels. The system alerts home owners via SMS, call, or mobile app notifications. It also reports to monitoring station, using their preferred protocols. Eldes Cloud Services included.

Kit includes:

  • Siren: wireless indoor sounder.
  • Keyboard.
  • Wireless magnetic contact.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Motion Mani sensor with integrated security panel.
  • Power supply for Motion Main sensor.
  • Mounts and other installation parts.


  • Mobile and Web apps are available.
  • Animal-immune movement sensors.
  • Remote configuration with ELDES Configuration Tool.
  • Remote control and configuration using: mobile app, web, SMS, keyboard or voice call.
  • Can be controlled via ELDES Cloud.
  • Motion Main detector with an integrated security panel is already paired with all of these devices.
  • Alerts home owners directly or reports to alarm monitoring station or does it both.
  • All devices are wireless.