Dahua HD-CVI Cameras

What are Dahua HD-CVI cameras?

HD CCTV cameras are nothing new. Manufacturers like Dahua and Hikvision have a broad assortment of them available. However, HD-CVI is a unique type of video surveillance cameras which you can buy online!

HD-CVI is a Dahua developed technology, devised for high-quality video broadcasting. Created back in late 2012, HD-CVI refers to High-Definition Composite Video Interface. The HD-CVI is the intellectual property of Dahua, one of the leaders in video surveillance technology manufacturing worldwide.

Contrary to other devices, HD-CVI cameras are capable of recording FULL HD, unprecedented quality footage. The system and software are also straightforward and simple. The purpose of this technology is to simplify and ease long-distance video feed transmission.

Dahua is the only manufacturer with such a vast HD-CVI CCTV equipment supply. They have the highest quality products, and we offer the cheapest prices online!

Where can they be used?

With the simple 3-step setup, you can place these cameras virtually anywhere. Due to their effectiveness broadcasting video over a long distance, this technology makes perfect sense in multi-storey buildings, large factories and also where a standard coaxial cable is already installed, and just the camera remains to be set up. All in all, such an adaptable technology is great anywhere (hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, etc.)

Depending on the camera type (bullet, dome or PTZ), preferable locations could differ. HD-CVI Dahua PTZ cameras are the most versatile since they can be rotated and controlled.

On the other hand, however, you have usually the more affordable bullet and dome cameras with slightly less versatility. Decide on whether you need a solution for outdoors or indoors. Reach out, and we can give a useful recommendation for any CCTV equipment, not just cheap Dahua HD-CVI cameras.

How much does it cost?

You can browse our catalogue to see and compare the prices. Every product has a listed price which you can see before deciding. You can also find technical specifications, data regarding software and much other, useful information about all products for sale. is continuously monitoring the market to keep up with the trends and to offer the best prices. Sales are also common. If you see that an HD-CVI camera from Dahua is for sale – do not hesitate. Sales are limited-time offers, and they could be gone tomorrow.

What would recommend?

We always recommend that you get in touch with us. CCTV and video surveillance equipment is a delicate matter. As recognised and successful professionals, we are always happy and eager to help out!

Aiding our customers with good quality CCTV solutions is one of our top priorities! Contact us via live chat, email or fill out the request form. Our team will get back to you with a detailed quote and comments. If you decide to browse yourselves, make sure to decide on the HD-CVI (High-Definition Composite Video Interface) camera type that best fits your situation. It can be HD-CVI bullet, HD-CVI dome or HD-CVI PTZ cameras. Every one of them has its pros and cons, make sure you know all about them before making a decision to buy.

Why choose us?

As a competent supplier, is delighted to bring you the latest and greatest in CCTV technology. We have you covered in video surveillance. From complete CCTV kits to mobile CCTV solutions and a lot of other devices, including hundreds of suitable accessories, we can please you with a wide assortment of Dahua HD-CVI cameras.

As this streaming and video transmission technology is the intellectual property of Dahua, only their company has the exclusive right to manufacture such equipment. It so happens to be that in the category of HD SDI CCTV products, these are amongst the top.

All in all – a wide assortment, exclusive state of the art gadgets, customers from all over the globe. Do you need any more convincing?

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

The standard shipping times vary depending on your location. We deliver worldwide, and the client can receive his goods after one business day. Usual shipment duration is also short, and the goods take anywhere between 3 to 5 business days to travel from the supplier to the customer.

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