Dahua HD-CVI DVR Recorders

What is an HD-CVI DVR recorder?

A DVR is a Digital video recorder. It is a device, sort of a mini-computer which can write and record video footage from your video surveillance cameras into a drive (Disk, USB flash, SSD, SD, etc.). They are made by Dahua, Hikvision and other hardware suppliers.

HD-CVI means ‘High-Definition Composite Video Interface’. Its main properties and purpose are to transmit a high-quality (HD) video footage over a long-distance. It is a cost-effective solution for everyone looking for low-cost transmission of video footage for longer distances. The primary exception of this system is that the footage is streamed via a coaxial cable, rather than WIFI. Dahua released this HD-CVI technology in late-2012. So these recorders come with special software which can encode and write video footage in this format.

HD-CVI DVR recorders capture crystal clear footage up to 4K. They are amongst the most popular HD SDI CCTV equipment. Dahua HD CVI or High-Definition Composite Video Interface equipment can be utilised in the most intricate and perplexing setups and situations without worrying over WIFI.

Where can they be used?

4, 8, 16 or 32 channel HD-CVI CCTV DVR equipment can be used with HD-CVI cameras. They are a must-have for your security system. Without them, you would not be able to record the video footage from your CCTV cameras.

DVR recorders have the advantage of being able to store video footage in the storage device of your choice. Depending on the number of available channels (e.g. 8), you can connect up to that number of cameras to record simultaneous feeds.

Every institution which currently has HD SDI CCTV equipment should consider renewing and getting a more modern device. Choose us as your supplier! Hotels, parking garages, shopping malls, factories, communities and a wide variety of institutions can benefit from having an HD-CVI DVR. Place it in your security or personal office and see the quality of video surveillance skyrocket!

How much does it cost?

You can simply browse and compare the products in our catalogue. Their price is listed, and every client sees it before making a purchase. The device is equipped with magnificent software, which is user-friendly and can capture multiple feeds all at once.

If you decide to buy a specific Dahua HD-CVI DVR, do not forget to look at its system characteristics. Knowing the specs of the product will allow making a more unbiased decision.

Look out for a sale! If the product receives a discount – do not waste time. Sales are only going on for a limited time, so get high-quality video surveillance equipment at an even cheaper price.

What would recommend?

Without being familiar with your situation, would like to stay away from making general recommendations to buy. Get in touch via live chat or fill out the request form. We can offer you WIFI solutions or good quality HD-CVI CCTV equipment for sale online. Depending on your HD-CVI DVR needs, our team of experts will suggest a device which will best suit your wishes! In this way, you can buy the right system online and do it for cheap.

Why choose us?

First of all, as a reliable re-seller and partner of Dahua, we only sell premium, legit equipment. Next, a wide assortment of products for sale in our catalogue is going to allow every client to find a perfect match. With regards to DVR for HD-CVI cameras, sells tens of different products. Choose freely!  

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

We deliver globally. Worldwide shipping services are carried out by our partners, DPD and FedEx. All orders get FREE shipping. The usual delivery time for all orders is between 3 to 5 business days.

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