Hikvision Turbo HD Cameras

What are Hikvision Turbo HD cameras?

Turbo HD cameras are an exclusively top-notch piece of video surveillance equipment. Turbo HD is the name given for long-distance high-definition video broadcasting over the standard coaxial RG59 cable. This means that cameras will not transmit feeds over WIFI. Instead of Wifi, the feed travels through a good old fashioned coaxial cable.

The technology was developed by the supplier for the market as a whole, not keeping any exclusive segment in mind. The great thing about it is that the application possibilities for these solutions are seemingly endless. The setup as well as software are simple, and there are several great additional features to improve versatility.

Turbo HD cameras have IR night-vision feature for even better video quality when the conditions are dire (night time, mist, etc.).

Hikvision is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of surveillance equipment. As a trusted re-seller of Hikvision, we have a wide assortment of their products at arguably the best price online!

Where can they be used?

Hikvision Turbo HD cameras are great in situations when the RG59 cable is already set up. No WIFI is needed. It is also great when a client wishes to upgrade their current setup. If the previous cameras only broadcasted and recorded in SD, the Hikvision Turbo HD from HD CCTV camera department are well worth the upgrade.

A variety of unique and amazing technological features make these devices a delight to use. Their application possibilities range from military and private security to offices, financial institutions, hotels, government organisations, schools and universities, etc.

Your supplier - offers two types of these cameras:

  • Bullet
  • Dome

The best option depends on your situation and needs. Experts say that bullet cameras are simpler to install, but dome cameras are better for indoor use, whereas for outdoors it is better to use a bullet camera (usually, not always). Both options could be excellent value for money, but we recommend getting an opinion from a security or video surveillance expert before making a sure decision to buy a particular system.

How much do Hikvision Turbo HD cameras cost?

The exact prices are varied and different. It depends on a lot of factors, including the technical capabilities, innovativeness, the pricing of the manufacturer, etc.

You can freely browse the extensive online catalogue of Hikvision Turbo HD cameras to see and compare the prices. Moreover, the same applies to all HD CCTV, WIFI or alternative cameras and other video surveillance equipment. All prices are public and listed.

To get an individual quote for your Turbo HD Hikvision cameras – get in touch by writing to us or filling out the request form. also insists on keeping your eye on sales. If the camera is for sale, it means you can get it at a great, cheap price! These ‘for sale’ options are limited-time only, so do not waste time by hesitating.

Personalised recommendations

First of all, we recommend establishing and outlining your needs. Consult with an expert on whether a Turbo HD camera is the best way for you to go. We can consult you and provide an honest and unbiased opinion and insights on software, what is best to buy for you, cheap high-quality deals, tendencies in the CCTV market, etc.

Next up, if this hardware is right for you, decide on your budget and type of camera choice. There are dome and bullet cameras. Each one is unique and has a specific set of advantages. After deciding on the model, move over to the budget. Our word of advice would be to save elsewhere. Security is too important to be cheap on. Even though we have cheap prices, there is nothing cheap about the quality of the video surveillance equipment we sell. Spend an appropriate amount and do not cut corners to ensure maximum security for you, your property and others!

If there are any questions or doubts – write to us.

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