Turbo HD Dome Cameras

What are Turbo HD dome cameras?

Turbo HD Hikvision dome cameras are a blend of two different technologies. First up – Turbo HD. It is a specific technology created by one of the world’s biggest video surveillance equipment manufacturers and software solutions producers – Hikvision. Turbo HD defines the HD-TVI technology of transmitting High-resolution (HD) video footage over standard coaxial cables. Dome cameras have the name because of their dome-like shape. Put it together and you have dome-shaped system CCTV cameras and software that transmits video via a cable. No wifi solutions or online connection needed.

Put the two technologies together, and you get one of the most popular products in HD CCTV systems sphere – Turbo HD dome cameras from Hikvision.

Since Turbo HD is the exclusive technology of the supplier Hikvision, they are the only manufacturer which produces such high-quality gadgets.

Possible applications

Dome camera has the advantage of disguise because it is difficult for the intruder to tell in which direction the lens is facing. As a supplier, we strongly advocate the installation of Turbo HD technology. Hikvision makes cameras that can be mounted anywhere where the cable network has already been established. Dome structures are generally very durable which is also a plus.

We recommend them to hotels, shopping malls, factories, small and big convenience stores, parking garages, airports, warehouses, etc. The Turbo HD dome camera can be mounted virtually anywhere.

What is the cost of a Turbo HD dome camera?

All things considered; Hikvision Turbo HD dome cameras are reasonably priced. The final price of the product is great when you consider the quality it brings. offers cheap prices for good products which are opposite of cheap. Look out for a sale. If the HD CCTV system products are for sale, you can buy them at an even lower rate. Lifetime support and a three-year warranty make it even better. Remember that older standard coaxial cables are usually good enough. However, get in touch to know more about Turbo HD, or IP, or WIFI video surveillance possibilities.

Shipping terms and conditions

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