Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Recorders

What are Hikvision Turbo HD DVR’s?

A DVR is a digital video recorder. It is a specialised computer which can record video footage broadcasted by your CCTV cameras. Turbo HD is a camera type which supports HD-TVI, a specific type of High definition video transmission technology. Put it all together, and you get a Turbo HD DVR, a specialised device for sale which can record simultaneous high definition feeds from multiple cameras. Hikvision is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of CCTV equipment. They are one of the leading providers in HD TVI CCTV category and offer independently developed devices that can record real-time HD footage from up to 32 different cameras at the same time.

Next, to the name of this HD-TVI CCTV device, you can see either ‘4-channel’, ‘8-channel’, ’16-channel’ or ’32-channel’. The number of channels indicates how many cameras can be connected to the DVR.  

Where can they be used?

DVR’s are ubiquitous. Their application ranges from military-grade activities up to standard spheres like office security, etc. In a sense, the application depends on your current video surveillance system. If you have multiple cameras set up (or are planning to), getting a suitable video recorder is a vital objective.

Hotels, parking garages, private property owners, transport and logistics businesses, as well as academic institutions, can find excellent applications for a Hikvision Turbo HD DVR.

How much does it cost?

Browse our online catalogue to see and compare the prices. Every product has a listed price. They differ depending on technical capabilities, software intricacies, the pricing of the manufacturer, sales, etc. However, is always trying to offer a good deal online. We monitor the market to remain a leading supplier of Turbo HD DVR’s and other CCTV equipment at a cheap price.

Taking into account the fact that this is powerful surveillance equipment with audio, video encoding & decoding capabilities, the "price:performance" ratio is off the charts.

What would recommend?

We recommend trusting Hikvision and their quality of production. For many years they have been held in high regard due to their unparalleled commitment to delivering state of the art and technologically advanced CCTV solutions.

As a trusted re-seller/supplier of Hikvision goods and other video surveillance solutions, we also try to transmit those same qualities to our clients. If you cannot make a decision to buy based on the technical specifications provided and you are not familiar with the quality, software or any other technical aspect – contact us! We are always glad to help you out. Please fill out the request form or drop us a line using the live chat and/or email. It may also be that the right solution for you is entirely different. We will never hesitate to tell you that.

Optimal alternatives

Depending on your existing setup or planned video surveillance equipment, there could be similar products for sale which you can buy that also match your needs. However, usually, Hikvision Turbo HD recorders are the best option. Since you can simultaneously record up to 32 different HD streams, there is rarely room to upgrade.

We recommend also paying attention to the right choice of CCTV cameras. Pairing appropriate Turbo HD capturing hardware is essential to maximising the use of your digital video recorder or DVR.

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

All orders get FREE shipping. The standard shipping times vary depending on your location. We deliver worldwide, and the client can receive his goods after one business day. Usual shipment durations are also short, and the products will likely reach you in 3 to 5 business days.

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