16 Channels

What are Hikvision 16-channels Turbo HD DVR’s?

A 16-channel Turbo HD DVR is a recording device which can capture up to 16 unique Turbo HD camera feeds simultaneously. Select us as your cheap CCTV solutions supplier and buy high-quality HD-TVI CCTV systems online.

The name Turbo HD describes a unique technology developed by Hikvision, one of the world’s most respected and successful video surveillance equipment manufacturers. It allows streaming very high-definition video over the standard-issue coaxial cables (not WIFI). This solution is being implemented worldwide. It is an excellent alternative to WIFI or wireless cameras.

It is a significant improvement over past technologies where transmitting HD footage over a coaxial cable was technically impossible without facing some major issues like latency and stutter. The Hikvision 16-channels Turbo HD DVR is the cream of the crop when it comes to HD TVI CCTV systems. There are few devices in the market which can match its capabilities.

The software of the Digital Video Recorder (or DVR) writes the footage into an HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, SD card or any other storage device. Turbo HD is exclusive to Hikvision production.

Application possibilities for a 16-channel Turbo HD DVR

Since these solutions are suited for the most exhausting surveillance operations, they are popular amongst military-grade facilities, large building operators, financial institutions, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Wherever there is a significant need to record many various locations, the 16-channel Hikvision Turbo HD DVR works great.

We urge you to keep it away from moisture, temperature extremities and storing it in a remote, secure location. Since you do not need a WIFI connection for it, it can be stored very securely and remotely.

Are these 16-channel DVR’s expensive?

Depends. In contrast with four or 8-channels recorders, these options tend to be more costly. However, if you decide to buy a 16-channel Turbo HD recorder online, you get a product of the highest quality. Simple to use, user-friendly software, tremendous longevity and unparalleled technical proficiency. These features make this product just right if your video surveillance needs are big.

As a trusted re-seller/supplier of Hikvision products, we ensure good quality and reasonable prices. Besides, holds sales continuously. If the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is for sale (discounted), you can get it cheap.

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Our recommendation

If you are looking for a very capable video surveillance recording system – a 16-channel recorder is the way to go. However, as competent and responsible specialists, we would like to make a personalised, individual recommendation.

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