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What are Hikvision 4-channels Turbo HD DVR’s?

A 4-channel Turbo HD DVR is a recording device which can capture up to 4 unique Turbo HD camera feeds simultaneously. See what is up for sale now!

As you may or may not know, the DVR or Digital Video Recorder is a computer or a device, which writes and records the footage broadcasted from your video surveillance cameras. They can write it to an HDD, SSD, SD card, etc. Turbo HD is a unique technology developed by Hikvision which allows to transmit and send very high-resolution video footage via a standard coaxial cable instead of WIFI. 

For very long, broadcasting HD footage over a cable posed significant issues to the software and the entire system itself. There were delays, latency and the quality of video was miserable. IP technology seemed like the only way out. With Hikvision’s introduction of Turbo HD cameras and 4-channel Turbo HD digital video recorder systems, transmitting and recording high-quality footage over cable links became so much simpler.

Where can they be used?

Since they require a standard RG59 cable connection, the DVR’s with Turbo HD capabilities can be installed wherever there are old or new cable links. This is the advantage this cheap system has over other CCTV cameras, and it is adaptable to standard cables.

4-channel recording ensures cheap high-quality footage from multiple sources. Applications can range from a shopping mall, hotel security, private guard, property management or simple video surveillance. Remember to keep the DVR in a secure location without moisture and temperature extremities.

How much does it cost?

Hikvision is one of the globally leading suppliers in HD CCTV camera, video surveillance software and equipment production. They set the bar high for competitors and the entire market. However, at the same time, their products are very reasonably priced. As a trusted re-seller we immediately received updated hardware and the latest and greatest in Hikvision CCTV equipment.

Prices for all 4-channel Turbo HD DVR (Digital Video Recorders) are listed in our catalogue. Look out for a sale! If the product is for sale, you can get it for a much lower price. The good-quality DVR’s from Hikvision are well worth to buy! You could also get a detailed quote from us. Just fill out the request form, and we will get back to you.

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The same applies to all other CCTV solutions. Because the wrong cable types, video formats and different nuances are easy to miss for an untrained eye, our specialists can ease your load and give unbiased suggestions!

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