8 Channels

What are Hikvision 8-channels Turbo HD DVR’s?

8-channel Turbo HD DVR is a recording device which can capture up to 8 unique Turbo HD camera feeds simultaneously.

Turbo HD is a technology created and patented by the manufacturer Hikvision. It allows transmitting (broadcast) high-quality images (usually video footage) over a standard coaxial RG59 cable. This is an excellent solution for businesses with a great demand for video surveillance. Instead of spending much money on wireless WIFI upgrades, you can use pre-arranged cables or the same older wiring. No WIFI or unnecessary flamboyance, just regular and straightforward surveillance.

In the past, regular DVR software and hardware solutions were not capable of recording high-definition footage fluidly. There were delays and latency, systems and software were just not efficient enough for these tasks. However, nowadays, Hikvision devised a great technology which allows pushing the sphere of HD CCTV Cameras into the future. With the possibility to record up to 8 concurrent video feeds with the help of a good 8-channel Turbo HD Digital Video Recorder, every business and private customer can get more secure.

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Where can they be used?

HD CCTV Cameras are a good buy option for cheap optimal video surveillance. They can be set up indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, the camera recordings go to waste without a working DVR (Digital Video Recorder). So, wherever there is a video surveillance or CCTV camera network, there also has to be a specific recorder to capture and write the footage.

Since the 8-channel Turbo HD DVR supports up to eight individual links, they are an attractive choice for many. Office buildings, private property owners, financial institutions, shopping malls, hotels, even military-grade facilities or high-security territories or facilities are great of with such a device.

Remember that they should be stored in an environment with little moisture.

How much does it cost?

Please browse our catalogue to see which products are currently for sale. All prices are public and listed for you to compare. There is also a listing of prices with taxes and with the taxes excluded so that all clients can plan their budget.

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Nonetheless, an 8-channels Turbo HD DVR might or might not be the right selection for you. These gadgets we sell are great, but maybe there is something even better for you? We are an unbiased supplier and will let you know on whether to scale down to a 4-channel or upgrade to a 16-channel unit.

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