IP CCTV Cameras

IP camera systems

In this category you will find wide range of IP CCTV solutions for good price: IP cameras, network video recorders and accessories. IP camera system has become very popular recently because of good video quality comparing to the older systems as well as competitive price.

When choosing IP camera system you should decide what angle of view you will need and choose the right lens, you can find more information about the lenses in our FAQ section. If you want to get clear view even in the low light environment you should choose IP security camera with night vision which varies from few tens of meters to few hundreds.

Wide variety of IP CCTV cameras 

You can also select different resolution cameras varying from 1 Megapixel to 5 or more Megapixels. Higher resolution guarantees higher image quality. IP camera system can be connected to NVR (network video recorder) or directly to a router and accessed over LAN or the Internet from anywhere in the world. You just need to download a free app to your mobile phone and configure your Internet router. This allows you to protect your property 24/7 even when you are far away from home or office. If you want to use ip surveillance systems over WiFi network it is possible with our IP CCTV cameras that have WiFi option. Most of our IP CCTV system products have PoE option which allows you to power the camera and transmit video signal over the same Ethernet cable. This makes installation of IP CCTV system even easier.