PTZ Accessories

What are PTZ accessories?

PTZ stands for ‘Pan-tilt-zoom’, usually used to describe a specific type of video cameras, capable of these movements. A PTZ camera can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt and zoom or it does so automatically, following a pre-determined routine.

So, in short, PTZ accessories are a part of IP CCTV cameras, meant to boost their performance or extend their capabilities. The most common accessories include Hikvision keyboards, meant for camera control and brackets, built to help optimise camera placement. Accessories can add an additional dimension to the PTZ camera capabilities, for example, WIFI controls etc.

Where can they be used?

Dahua or Hikvision PTZ accessories can be used in a variety of spots and a plethora of different ways. If you look at Hikvision brackets, they are meant to help mount the camera in a specific location. Since Dahua or Hikvision PTZ cameras are mobile already, with the addition of proper PTZ accessories like a bracket, you can cover almost the entire facility or room with just a single camera and a good WIFI connection.

Also, quality keyboards are usually a more costly purchase, but they are capable of many great things. Often they have a high-def LCD monitor which can help see through the camera lens and interact with the environment. No wires needed. It is all controlled through Wi-Fi, an IP connection. User-friendly software is simple to understand and navigate. Hikvision keyboards have been praised for the straightforwardness of the software, so using them will be like a breeze.

How much does it cost?

If you want to know the exact price for any PTZ camera accessory, scroll through our catalogue. All prices are listed next to the product. As a client-oriented supplier, we want to have the best prices online!

See the cost with taxes or excluding taxes. Oh, and do not forget to check out sales! If the product is for sale, hesitation should be thrown aside. They are limited-time offers and could be your best chance to get a high-quality product at a ridiculously cheap price!

What would recommend?

You should send us a message or fill out the request form. There are different PTZ camera accessories you could buy. Once we know more about your situation, budget and expectations, we can provide guidance or recommendation on what system to buy.

Why us?

Firstly, because we are a trustworthy re-seller of Hikvision, one of the world’s leading video surveillance equipment manufacturers and distributors, secondly, we have a proven track record of providing competent and dependable CCTV solutions to clients all over the world. Lastly, our supplier policy and shopping terms are very client-oriented! Safe and secure purchasing, lifetime support and extended warranties as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee!

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

All PTZ accessories orders get FREE shipping. Deliveries are handled by DPD and FedEx. Average shipping duration is between 3 and 5 business days. 

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