Hidden IP Cameras

Spy cameras

In this category you can find a wide selection of spy cameras at the best price. All hidden cameras have two basic functions, it is: to capture video records with sound or take pictures. Some spy cameras can record sound as a separate file, too. Also, most of secret video surveillance cameras have the ability to capture video clips or pictures upon the motion. In this case, the image capturing occurs when the camera detects changes in image in the visible environment. The fixed material also displays the time and date. Review of a video from the secret camera is very simple: it is enough to connect the camera via USB cable to a computer and all the captured records will be available.

Hidden camera's features

There are several types of secret video surveillance cameras:

  • Some cameras have built-in rechargeable battery. Battery life of the most of wireless spy cameras ranges from 1.5 hours to 8 hours.
  • The other cameras, such as the IP PIR motion sensors have permanent standing supply inputs, can be connected to video recorders or connected with WiFi router. Such wireless spy cameras have the ability to broadcast the video directly to your phone or computer, which you can see using apps on your smartphone.
  • Mini spy cameras have the ability to record video to a memory card, so video records are always available for reviewing. Also, some of mini spy cameras have remote control and can be controlled from a certain distance, facilitating image capturing process.

Where it can be hidden?

Hidden cameras are installed in a wide range of housings, hidden in usual household utensils, such as:

  • A car alarm panel,
  • Wall and table clocks,
  • Digital desk clocks,
  • Clothes hangers,
  • Boxes,
  • Clothing buttons,
  • Lighters,
  • USB drives,
  • Smoke or motion detectors.

If you find it difficult to choose a suitable option for your situation or you can not find a satisfactory option, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will answer all your questions and offer the best option for an attractive and affordable price. Before using hidden cameras, please find out about existing laws of your country on secret image capturing.