IP Cube Cameras

IP cube camera

In this category you will find a wide range of IP cube cameras for the best price that you can find online. IP cube cameras are widely used for indoor video surveillance systems and are the best option for home indoor or business premises security and employees monitoring. In our online store we offer Hikvision IP cube cameras that are reliable and versatile, fitting any day-to-day video surveillance requirements for professionals and individual home residents. 


  • Hikvision IP cube cameras has built-in microphones so will be able not only to see but also to hear what happens in a room.
  • PIR sensor that gives an ultimate accuracy when recording video from motion due to that camera no longer look for a change in a video but seeks the thermal bodies.
  • Such technology is completely reliable and helps to save space.
  • Cameras has built-in memory card slots for installing internal memory. Usually cameras can support up to 128 GB memory card that can record from 2 to 4 days of continuous recording. Thanks to a PIR sensor this time can be extended up to a week and more according to a schedule set in a camera and quantity of motion per day.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, that eases the installation because no wires are required, just make sure that wireless connectivity communication quality is good enough at the place you are going to install this camera.
  • The most of these cameras can be connected to the internet for a remote live view, recorded video playback or device control. Cube cameras have P2P function which allows to set up a system easily in just a few quick and simple steps. After that your cameras are accessible from anywhere in a world.

If you cannot find what you were looking for or having difficulties choosing the right IP cube camera for you needs, feel free to contact us. Our team will answer all of your questions and will recommend you the best option for your personal requirements for the best price that you can find online.