16 channels NVR recorders

What is it?

An NVR or a ‘Network video recorder’ is a device which stores video feed from your IP cameras. In short, you can consider it to be the black box of your video surveillance footage and the central piece which allows to stream video directly from the camera. As part of IP CCTV system, an NVR is required to collect archives and have a properly functioning video surveillance system. 16 channel recorders have 16 available inputs. The number indicates the maximum possible amount of video feeds, which can be processed. In this case, a 16 channel Dahua or Hikvision network video recorder (or can be made by anyone else, of course) can display anywhere up to 16 different feeds at one time. The software makes the recorder simple to use and user-friendly. The high number of available inputs and a reasonable price puts 16-channel recorders at the top of our most popular products list.

What do we offer?

As one of the leaders in video surveillance solutions, can offer a broad selection of high-quality 16 channel network video recorders online. Since they are amongst the most popular in the market, these NVR devices could actually be the right choice for you.

For most video surveillance needs, 16 individual video feeds are more than enough. Small and medium-sized establishment owners can buy such a device and be greatly prepared to secure their territory and keep anyone or anything in it – safe.

Where can it be used?

IP NVR Recorders (or NVR’s for short) are a part of IP CCTV system solutions. They can be applied almost everywhere, regardless of the environment. Since the IP cameras are connected to the internet, the distance between your NVR and the camera is not a factor. All you need to take care of is having a cable network or good WIFI available in the area (if you are using wireless set-up). This is the right option for hotels, any multi-storey building, parking garages, office buildings, private territories and almost anyone else.

Place the recorder in a secure room where it would not be affected by temperature extremities or moisture. This can be your office or the security room.

How much does it cost?

The final price can depend on a variety of factors. The first and foremost being your budget. If your budget is unrestricted, you might consider any CCTV equipment at our online store to be cheap. However, for most clients, it has to be the best product at a certain price.

Browsing the catalogue, you are going to find economical solutions for one or two hundred USD. However, there are premium and more capable Dahua, Hikvision or other NVR’s which can capture 4K footage and have many other features. Their prices are significantly higher. Nevertheless, watch out. Maybe the recorder you fancy is for sale on our online store? In that case, do not hesitate and buy it because good deals are only available for a limited time only.

If you are having trouble finding it on your own – please do not hesitate to drop us a line or get in touch!

What would recommend?

Our recommendations will only be useful and practical if we know your exact needs. To provide a recommendation (which we will gladly do), we need to get in touch with you. Please write us a message via live chat, send an email or fill out the contact form.

Every client can receive an individualised quote, outlined by us, the supplier just for them.

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

We are a supplier that ships globally. We can deliver to:

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The duration of how long the package remains in transit depends on your location. Usually, it takes around 3 to 5 business days to deliver, but it can be as quick as one business day.

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