4 channels NVR recorders

What is it?

Network video recorder or NVR is a device which records and stores video footage from IP cameras. The category indication ‘4 channels’ means that this type of NVR is fully capable of simultaneously streaming and capturing video feeds from 4 individual cameras. This proves to be very beneficial for business clients and concerned homeowners. This does not necessarily mean that four cameras have to be plugged in. You can stream one, two or three and add the fourth one down the road. This is a versatile, high-quality and security-oriented solution with significant upside for video surveillance improvement.

Why us? is a trustworthy re-seller of Hikvision NVR recorders and other video surveillance gear. We also sell Dahua IP CCTV systems and a broad range of similar and interlinked products.

When discussing and talking about security, you should not compromise. A four-channel network video recorder can help secure the perimeter of a plot, monitor various areas and alert in case of emergency or intruders. For this kind of hardware, you need dependability and a proven track record. We can provide all of that at an affordable rate.

Down-to-earth live support, lifetime device support, an extended warranty, etc. When considering to purchase any video surveillance equipment, you do not need to look anywhere else!

Where can it be used?

Thanks to the user-friendly Dahua and Hikvision software and low-maintenance hardware, everyone can set up an IP CCTV system everywhere. By buying one or more good cheap video surveillance cameras and connecting them via WIFI or ethernet cable to your NVR, you successfully enable a fully operational video surveillance network. Little wiring is required!

Such advancements allow for improvisation of location selection and in other sectors also. For premium good quality security, a 4-channel NVR (Network video recorder) can be used by a small department store, office, parking garage, private territory, etc. This is also handy when trying to monitor a smaller room or space.

For the storage of the device itself, we recommend a dry room where the temperature is monitored and regulated.

How much does it cost?

The final price of the product is impacted by its technical capabilities, the pricing of the manufacturer, and whether we have a sale or not. Since we try to make video surveillance solutions affordable, our prices are amongst the lowest in the market!

You can swiftly browse and compare them online. The final cost can fluctuate (depending on your choice of gadgetry) around one and three hundred EUR.

Also, do not forget to check whether maybe the device you like is for sale. If it is listed in the ‘For sale’ section, you could get a nice discount to buy it at a cheap cost.

What would recommend?

All of our top-quality cheap products could be recommended if they suit your needs. This means that depending on your situation and expectations, budget as well as the plan going forward, we could end up recommending something traditional or maybe something unconventional from any supplier that we trust. With 4-channel NVR’s, we might suggest choosing a device with more channels or offer an entirely individualised setup. We can give you a quote if you fill out the request form!

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

If your order of 4-channel network video recorder or other IP CCTV system equipment, you will receive free shipping.

Our shipping partners are DPD and FedEx. Depending on your location, the delivery could take anywhere between 1 and 7 business days. However, our practical experience shows that from the supplier, the transit usually lasts 3 to 5 business days.

We can deliver to:

  • USA

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  • Rest of the EU and Europe

  • China

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