8 channels NVR recorders

What is it?

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. It is a device which receives the raw footage from the video surveillance camera over WIFI or ethernet cable network and then writes it into an HDD, SSD, SD card or whichever storage device compatible with the NVR. It is an integral part of all IP CCTV systems because, without it, the footage would disappear and could not be used at a later date.

By purchasing an 8-channel NVR for your private home or business, you can simultaneously stream and record video feeds from 8 individual cameras. Such versatility establishes versatility for broader security needs. An 8-channel setup is widespread with small and medium-sized establishments along with private properties. This could be the right solution for you!

What do we offer? not only offers but can also advise you into the right purchase! If the eight-channel WIFI controlled NVR is the right option for your security needs, or is it ethernet cabled one – we are going to inform you and suggest a suitable product.

In our store, however, clients can find Dahua and Hikvision high-quality 8-channel IP CCTV System Network video recorders. We try to keep reasonable prices and provide clients with answers to their questions. Browse the vast selection of products and find exactly what you need.

We can be your long-term supplier, providing long-term, continuous solutions in video surveillance for your business.

Where can it be used?

8-Channel Network video recorders are vital components of your video surveillance system. They can be used in a variety of locations and spaces. Eight camera setups are useful for smaller or medium-sized facilities. This hardware is also a frequent choice of caring homeowners.

Since the NVR’s have straightforward and user-friendly software, they are simple to operate and setup. In terms of location and placement, we recommend storing the Network video recorder in a secure, remote location. The device should be protected from moisture and temperature extremities at all times. Private offices or designated security facilities seem like the best options.

How much does it cost?

You can compare the products which you like on our site. Use the quick view function or open their designated sub-page to get to know more about them. Our online store conveniently shows the price for every product, including IP CCTV Systems and 8-Channel NVR’s.

The supply could change according to the tendencies of the market and our suppliers, but usually 8-channel network video recorders cost anywhere between 100 USD up to several hundred. If you are hesitant on allocating a budget or knowing how much is worth spending – use our live support’s help!

Look out for a sale! During sales prices for CCTV equipment drop dramatically. You can end up buying a high-end device for a cheap price.

What would recommend?

Without knowing your actual needs, we cannot specify a direct recommendation. However, we can help you sort that out right away. Get in touch via the live chat or submit the contact form and describe your needs. We can provide you with an individual quote online for buying a bulk or numerous 8-channel NVR’s and other gear.

If we could note just one point, it would be to save elsewhere. Invest in your security hardware and software without compromising. This is the area where cutting costs may put your safety in danger.

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

Every order over gets FREE shipment. The delivery duration vary according to your location but are usually between 3 and 5 business days. That being said, sometimes our courier partners could take up to 7 business days to complete the delivery or just 1.

Our shipping partners are FedEx and DPD.