Remote control set GSN ACS-101 1-ch

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  • The wireless one-channel alarm system sets are multi purpose units, consisting of a receiver and hand-held panic button transmitters. It can be used in the following applications:   
  • Emergency warning by means of a panic button  
  • Arming/disarming of the alarm systems
  • Remote controlling of electric gates, sliding doors,  
  • Electric curtains, automatic berriers, electromagnetic locks,
  • Turn ON/OFF lights, ets.

Advantages of ACS-101

  • Four operating modes
  • Panic button mode (security)
  • Switching mode (ON/OFF)
  • Hold mode (continous)
  • Pulse mode - 1second

The receiver is capable of memorizing up to 680 codes and thus able to
operate with 680 remote controls.

Last event memory - 30 min.

The alarm comes on when the electric power supply is disconnected 

Easy receiver programming by additional remote controls.

SMT technology. 

Remote controls

Hand-held push-button transmitters are produced in dual-channel and four-channel standards.
Eachremote control has its own identity code to transmit a radio frequency signal to a remote 
receiver. The ACS-101 receiver is capable of memorizing up to 680 different codes and therefore 
are able to operate with 680 remote controls, which have different identity codes.

Operating range

The operating range of the remote controls depends on the mounting location of th