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Dahua HD-CVI Cameras

To get Dahua HD-CVI camera online at a cheap price, browse the online product catalogue of We have a wide assortment of Dahua cameras for sale. 

What is an HD-CVI camera?

HD-CVI is a unique technology developed by Dahua. The technology allows transmitting HD (high-definition) video through a standard-issue RG59 coaxial cable. It is different of IP cameras which work through ethernet cable networks.

This is usually important in two different areas. One is the replacement of old camera networks. For example, if the current video surveillance system is out of date, you might want to upgrade. With the high-definition video quality now being the standard, it is a no-brainer to go down this route. Nevertheless, most HD solutions are using wireless connections. Not HD-CVI, however. You can keep the same old wiring but fit entirely new cameras. This is a much cheaper method of overhauling an old and inefficient CCTV network.

There are also mini variants of these cameras for secret video. Mini HD-CVI can be hidden from plain sight and used for personal or confidential surveillance. They can capture precious footage with audio. 

HD-CVI cameras with audio capturing are great for business and personal use. Thanks to the high-definition footage, any viewer can clearly see events that unfolded in the camera’s field of view. We strongly recommend them to warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, airport terminals, halls and arenas, office buildings, etc.

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Why choose Dahua?

If you chose to buy Dahua, you chose right. Dahua HD-CVI cameras are the only ones around. Since the HD-CVI technology is exclusive to this manufacturer, other competitors can only try to emulate their success.

We strongly recommend taking a look in our catalogue online to compare what the supplier has to offer. Evaluate the configuration, facts, the price and other factors to make a reasonable and calculated decision. Are you having trouble? Ask us; we will help out!

Why choose

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Since we are a reliable re-seller and partner of Dahua, we represent their products with a chip on our shoulder. We can help clients with the manual and setup as well. Our job is to consult and answer questions regarding the software. 

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that any software accompanying Dahua devices is very user-friendly. 

Finally, our job as a supplier is to deliver top-quality goods to you, the client. We make sure nothing gets in the way of this pre-established arrangement.

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