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Dahua Outdoor Stations

Buy Dahua outdoor stations at a great price online. has a broad assortment of Dahua outdoor cameras for better video intercommunication and access control.

What is an outdoor station?

Outdoor stations or cameras transmit a live feed from their location to yours. Imagine them as a much more versatile peephole. Most units are fitted outdoors, sometimes next to gates where they are used to scan those, who are asking for permission to enter. The live feed from the cameras is then broadcasted to the security officer or you via ethernet IP cable or WIFI, leaving it up to the designated personnel to either allow or deny entry.

Outdoors stations are excellent prevention against vandals, wrongdoers, annoying salespeople or anything else that you do not want entering private or closed property. 

Why choose Dahua?

Dahua outdoor stations are considered to be amongst the best in the world. At their price, they certainly outmatch their direct competitors. 

Just like IP cameras, outdoor stations transmit a signal to you or the security via ethernet cables or wireless WIFI connection. Some units from Dahua can even film in HD or at least 1.3MP, which is crystal clear on a smaller screen.

What is more, the cameras could be fitted anywhere you would like due to their compact and adaptable construction. Dahua outdoor stations are currently equipped to numerous private homes and guard private communities. With regards to business, we recommend them to offices, warehouses, financial offices, office buildings, etc. 

All you need for a Dahua outdoor station to work is a single ehternet IP cable and a small space where the necessary equipment could be fitted.

Why choose

We are a reliable re-seller, partner and a competent supplier of cheap and professional CCTV solutions. has a broad range of Dahua outdoor stations for sale. Check them all out, compare and find the one at a price which you find reasonable!

Our support is always ready to help and answer any other questions. 

Are you having trouble with setting it up and connecting to WIFI? Want to get to know a little bit more about the technology behind? Get in touch!

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