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Hikvision Bullet Cameras

Browse the online catalogue of for the wide-ranging assortment of Hikvision bullet cameras. As a trustworthy re-seller of Hikvision video surveillance equipment, we offer exceptional quality at a great price.

What is a Bullet Camera?

The name ‘bullet camera’ derives from the shape of these gadgets. These devices are cylinder-shaped, almost like a bullet from a gun. Various research showed that this sort of camera has the best preventive effect on vandals and thieves. Since bullet cameras are amongst the most noticeable, they have a significant impact of scaring wrongdoers away.

When it comes to setup and the installation of the camera unit, it is a lot simpler than with other types of video surveillance equipment. They could be fitted outdoors, but the best environment for a bullet camera is indoors. This is why if you choose to buy such equipment, make sure to place it under a roof.

What is more, these cameras have great range. It means that the CCTV camera will be able to pick out and clearly transmit video footage, helping identify objects from very far away. This is an enormously important feature for any visual system, not just surveillance alone.

Finally, putting all of these benefits and unique aspects into account, we can understand the entire necessity and usefulness of bullet cameras. They can be applied seemingly anywhere due to simple installation. Cameras, as mentioned earlier, are also better-suited for work indoors and also have a greater range of zoom, beating other types of surveillance CCTV cameras along the way. Preventive effect against burglars is also a plus. Bullet cameras can be used in larger areas like private yards and properties, for businesses, like hotels, warehouses, shopping malls, airports, train and bus station terminals, ports, offices, etc.

Why choose Hikvision?

To begin with, Hikvision is, without a doubt one of the world’s best and the current largest manufacturer of video surveillance equipment. Hikvision bullet cameras are amongst the most popular and most advanced in the market.

They also make 1mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp and various capabilities IP and Turbo HD bullet cameras. So, you can either embrace wireless connection over WIFI, or a ethernet IP cables, or use a standard coaxial cable to record feeds.

What is more, as a supplier, they spend countless hours, disregarding cost on R&D. Clients who have already purchased these devices know that with Hikvision, what you buy is going to be nothing short of excellence. With bullet cameras, there is a variety of additional features and settings that boost their performance and capabilities. For example, you have cameras with audio capturing and night vision features to have crystal-clear video quality at night. Moreover, the manufacturer offers cheap yet high-quality bullet camera accessories. If you need the camera to be placed in a particular spot, use a wall mount. Nevertheless, Hikvision bullet cameras are enormously simple to fit.

Finally, do not forget to glance over the technical specification of the product. You can compare it against the rival units as long as you want, chances are Hikvision products overpower anything else that is currently for sale. Speaking of sales. If you see a Hikvision bullet camera for sale on our catalogue – do not hesitate. As deals are limited time only, this could be your last chance to get impressive security measure at a cheap rate.

Why choose

Even though there are other suppliers out there, choosing us is clearly the best choice for you and your business!

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So, if you are an owner/manager/supervisor of a hotel, office, warehouse, passenger or cargo travel terminal, building or just a concerned private property owner – get in touch because we can individualise a quote for extensive needs or sell a high-quality 1mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp turbo HD or even more capable Full HD, 4K IP bullet surveillance cameras at a low cost.

If you have any questions, doubts or requests, please do not hesitate to reach out via live chat, email or by filling out the request form. is not just a re-seller. We want to be a reputable, trustworthy supplier of all of your video surveillance needs.

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