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Hikvision Dome Cameras

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What is a Dome Camera?

Unsurprisingly, a dome camera is a video camera, shaped like a circular dome. The name derives from the shape. The dome serves a lot of purposes. Firstly, the mostly transparent dome protects the camera from damage. Secondly, the dome can trick the intruder or the vandal because it can be hard to determine where exactly is the lens of the dome camera pointing.

These types of CCTV cameras transmit and send broadcasts to the recorder via WIFI (wireless) or a ethernet cable (IP protocol). The camera sometimes requires a wall mount or unique camera fitting accessories to allow for more convenient placement.

What is more, dome cameras have a wide camera angle, meaning that they can film and capture a larger area. They are amongst the most popular CCTV video camera solutions for sale today. Besides, dome cameras are excellent indoor and if fitted outside. Due to their generally more durable build, these units can withstand unpleasant weather and challenging environmental conditions in a very decent matter. As certified experts in video surveillance solutions, we highly recommend these cameras for any concerned homeowner or business. They are great for restaurants, for shopping malls, for warehouses, salons and parlours, markets, government buildings, offices, airports and seemingly every other business as well.

Why choose Hikvision?

First of all, Hikvision is presently the largest producer of video surveillance equipment in the world. Likely that they are also the leader in dome camera manufacturing. On online CCTV solutions store you can find a broad range of Hikvision dome cameras for sale. 

As a closely partnered re-seller of Hikvision products, we receive state-of-the-art gadgets and have stock as soon as they are launched. If you are looking for the latest and greatest camera software, the most capable video camera system or a complete video surveillance kit, you will not find anything better than Hikvision!

Most newer models can support a memory card with storage capacities of up to 128GB. The installation, configuration, connection and setup of the dome camera system is easy-breezy. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and comprehensible software, the setup process can be completed with high speed. If you have any difficulties or questions – please never waver to contact us! We are not just a supplier; we seek to be your long-term partner in cost-efficient video surveillance solutions!

The manufacturer Hikvision also invests a lot into the technical capabilities or specifications of their units. Depending on your requirements and budget, there is an assertive choice of 1mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp and even more capable dome cameras. Depending on your recorder and other hardware, you can even find dome cameras with audio recording, hence with a microphone, capable of capturing and broadcasting up to 4K resolution video. Now if that is not impressive, we don’t know what is…

All in all, if you are looking to buy a smart video surveillance system for indoor or outdoor use – we recommend opting in for Hikvision dome cameras. As a trustworthy supplier, we can quickly carry out your order and deliver the cameras right to your doorstep!

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