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Hikvision DVR Recorders is a re-seller of Hikvision equipment that you can trust. So, believe us when we tell you that we have one of the most extensive supplies of Hikvision DVR devices in stock.

What is a DVR?              

A DVR or a digital video recorder is a device or a special computer that receives the broadcast from your video surveillance camera, turns it into digital footage, records it and can write it onto a hard drive, an SSD, an SD card or any other storage device. All Hikvision DVR’s have user-friendly software with newer models boasting a plethora of great features! The device can be controlled over a network or via WiFi connection, and you might even be able to connect it to a mobile phone, PC, Mac, any laptop or other compatible devices.

As must-have CCTV technology, Hikvision DVR’s are great for home use and for businesses of all kinds. This means that hotels, office buildings, airports, government facilities, warehouses, stores and even town or city municipalities could benefit from installing them.

A DVR or digital video recorder is different from an NVR (Network video recorder). The latter record feeds from IP cameras via ethernet cable or via wireless WiFi, while the former uses coaxial cables and other wiring to receive broadcasts. You can connect them to a mobile phone, connect to a PC, Macbook, laptop etc.

Finally, there is a number of channels listed next to every product. The most common types of devices for sale are 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel digital video recorders. The number of channels indicates the maximum amount of simultaneous feeds (in other words, how much active CCTV cameras can be connected at once) the device can record. So:

  • 4-channel DVR can record anywhere between 1 and 4 feeds
  • 8-channel DVR anywhere between 1 and 8
  • 16-channel DVR anywhere between 1 and 16
  • 32-channel DVR anywhere between 1 and 32

Sometimes there are even more capable devices with 64 channels, available.

Why choose Hikvision?

Hikvision is usually labelled as the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance equipment. Any Hikvision DVR represents the most modern technology currently available and a great "price : performance" ratio. Since they produce in high quantity, Hikvision can offer a great variety of DVR’s and other video surveillance equipment at a reasonably cheap cost.

Their devices support high, Full HD or even 4K resolution, meaning that you can maintain a safer working or business environment. The operating software of any Hikvision DVR for sale is user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone regardless of their computer skills and knowledge of the system can maximise the potential of these products.

As a leading manufacturer, Hikvision promises excellence in terms of technical specification, durability and straightforward configuration for simple, yet effective use!

Why choose

First of all, we offer a lot of benefits for every client:

  • Lifetime support for any purchase
  • 3-year long warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Secure and transparent online purchasing

We understand that choosing from a wide array of unique and specialised products can be troubling. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance or request an individual quote for an accurate price of a digital video recorder or a set of such devices by filling out a form.

Our competent and friendly support can provide you with instructions for device installation online. If you have bought the Hikvision DVR from us, but run into difficulties related to setup, activation or need a manual for a plugin or any other tool – contact us! support is always happy to help out!

Finally, as a licensed re-seller, we have a direct connection with the supplier Hikvision. This means that you can buy any new Hikvision DVR online from our store almost as soon as they come out. Improve your business or house security with the purchase of a digital video recorder from one of the world’s top brands.

P.S. look out for a sale. We continuously refresh and refresh discounted products so you can find all you need at a lesser cost. However, when the product is listed for sale, do not hesitate since these are limited time offers only.

Shipping terms

If you buy a Hikvision DVR or any other products, you get FREE shipping. The standard delivery time is between 3 to 5 business days. However, depending on your location, it could take anywhere in the range of 1 to 7 business days. Our shipping partners are DPD and FedEx. We can deliver to:

  • USA
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