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Hikvision Fisheye Cameras

For arguably the largest selection of Hikvision Fisheye cameras and other video surveillance equipment from Hikvision and other globally renowned manufacturers, look no further than!

What is a Fisheye Camera?

There is nothing “fishy” about a Fisheye camera. The common name for an ‘ultra-wide-angle lens’ was first used at the beginning of the 20th century, referring to the view fish probably see from underwater. The technology quickly caught on and now is widespread, especially in video surveillance.  

The cameras are great for indoor and outdoor video surveillance because Fisheye lenses can engulf 180 or even the entire 360-degree view into a single frame. This feature eases surveillance a lot. A single CCTV camera could be placed on the ceiling in the middle of the room, and it could monitor the entire space without any additional help.

Since these cameras have to cover a large field of view, their technical capabilities have to be greater than most other video cameras. This is why you can find regular 2mp, 3mp, 4mp and 5mp cameras, but there is also a wide array of more capable 6 and even 12mp IP Fisheye or analogue cameras.

The newest IP Fisheye cameras can broadcast the feed directly to a specific device. They can be labelled as single-element systems because of the ability to operate and transmit feeds without having to use an NVR.

There are also various price segments of these cameras. Any client can find an affordable solution which fulfills their needs. Less commonly applied for outdoor use, they can, however, serve greatly in both closed and open environments. Such vast application possibilities make them great for restaurants, individual stores and shopping malls, gyms, hotels, warehouses, office buildings, jewelry stores, banks and financial institutions and more.

Why choose Hikvision?

As a trustworthy re-seller of Hikvision products, we can boldly state that we are 100% sure about the impeccable quality and technical capabilities of Hikvision Fisheye cameras. They are the world’s largest producer of video surveillance equipment. However, quantity does not interfere with excellence in any way. Quite the opposite happens. All Hikvision products that we put up for sale, including Hikvision Fisheye cameras,receive great customer reviews.

Moreover, they produce discreet units which can be hidden from plain sight. As the Fisheye camera has a distinct shape, the lens is almost hidden from view. A wrongdoer could falsely assume that it is a dome camera and you could easily spot them through high quality 180 or 360-degree video footage.

To sum up, we strongly suggest choosing to buy an IP Fisheye CCTV camera from Hikvision. Do not forget to choose a trustworthy re-seller!

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