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Hikvision NVR Recorders

If you or your business is looking for a multifaceted and versatile video surveillance solutions, Hikvision NVR recorders are just what you might need. Browse the product catalogue at for the lowest prices and most modern gadgets!

What is a NVR?

NVR or network video recorder is a name given to a specific computer/device which remotely captures broadcasted footage from an IP camera. The computer has special software which records and stores the footage into an SSD, HDD, SD card, USB, etc.

There is a variety of NVR’s as well. There are 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, 24-channel, 32-channel and even more capable units. The number of channels indicates the maximum number of processable inputs. In short, number 4, 8, 16, etc. shows how many camera feeds the device can simultaneously record.

Why choose Hikvision?

We are partners with Hikvision and supply Hikvision NVR recorders to our clients. Since they are one of the most successful global brands in the world of video surveillance, it is a no brainer to choose amongst their range. Our partnership means mutual trust and respect. We can put their products on our shelves and boldly claim that they are top-quality. User feedbacks and long-term customer experience surveys just prove the expectation of excellence from Hikvision we are used to.

With Hikvision NVR's you could be getting state-of-the-art technology at a bargain-basement price. 

Moreover, Hikvision NVR’s are very user-friendly. Setup and installation are a breeze while the user guide and manual are written in a language anyone is going to understand. Everything is controlled over WIFI or ethernet IP cables, with minimal or no need for wires. All software is non-complicated. If you run into obstacles or have questions, our live help is always online. Get in touch for friendly and precise answers to all technical and financial matters, related to your network video recorder, surveillance camera or any other gadgets.

Lastly, Hikvision spends much time developing their products. We can offer impeccable build quality, tremendous technical performance at a reasonable price.

Why choose

If you are looking to buy a Hikvision NVR recorder, your best bet is us! Why?

1. Because you get lifetime support for any purchase

2. Since every gadget you buy gets a three-year warranty

3. As a sensible supplier, we keep the prices low, but the product refinement and quality remain top priorities as well

4. Any system you buy for sale is guaranteed to have a very low price

5. NVR allows for remote viewing and little to none wiring

6. It is an excellent solution for sale to multi-storey parking garages, hotels, shopping malls, large and medium-sized office buildings, financial institutions like banks, etc., airports, passenger and cargo terminals, factories, warehouses

If you still dwindle and doubt that a cheap product can be of high quality, check out the reviews from our clients. is a supplier of video solutions for clients all over the world. Their genuine reviews are crucial for our service improvement. Thanks to them, we know we are on the right track!

Shipping terms

Whichever system you might buy, all orders get free global shipping. Standard delivery times vary between 1 and 7 business days.

To arrange a more convenient delivery method or to make a quicker delivery, please contact us before finalising the purchase. We will try to find the best solution for you!