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Netatmo Welcome is a smart indoor security camera with face recognition function. Welcome sends the names of the people it sees directly to your smartphone. Be notified when your children or elderly parents are home. The security camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger.

Welcome store your videos for free, locally or on the cloud. Local video storage on the microSD card. Also You can choose to store your videos automatically on your personal Dropbox cloud or, choose to backup videos automatically on your personal FTP server.

Welcome’s setup is straightforward: place the camera indoors, facing your entrance, plug it in and download the App. Identify your loved ones with a simple click. That’s it!

When Welcome hears an alarm, whether it be a smoke alarm, CO alarm, security alarm or siren, it will send a notification and record a video.


  • Instantaneous information about strangers who entered the house. 
  • Smart camera will allow you to edit each family member's privacy settings. Disable video recordings or notifications for individual people, such as your adolescent or partner.
  • Video records and photos are saved directly to memory card, dropbox or FTP.
  • The camera only records when something happens, preventing hours of empty footage.
  • High quality in any light condition with full HD 1080p technology and extra-large 2 micron pixels.
  • Welcome has a unique and pure design. It blends seamlessly into your home.
  • Extensive 130° field of view.
  • High-powered infrared LED means you can see clearly in the dark.
  • Easy set up and configuration.
  • The ability to connect not only using a mobile phone but with a computer or tablet too.
  • WiFi connectivity.