Video Intercoms & Access Controls

Intercoms and access control systems

In this category you can find a wide selection of door intercom systems for the best price online. Door intercom phones also known as intercoms, is a simple and convenient way to provide access control to the premises and turn your home smart!

Where can it be used?

The device allows you to talk directly and see live view of visitors, only by a single button let them to entry or deny the request for strangers or undesirable persons access to the inside of home or territory. Intercom system works in conjunction with an electric lock, which is controlled with monitor, so there is no need to go to the door, gate or go down the stairs to let enter the guests, employees, post couriers or other persons and that makes up access control system.

What kind of features does it offer?

This system can be integrated into the existing video surveillance system, on the screen of the intercom phone, you can see live video or to view the video from security cameras. Standard access control or intercom system consists of call module at the door or gate and a video monitor, which is usually mounted inside the premises. Call module of door intercom has open or closed contacts, which are used to control electrical or magnetic locks and valve.  Intercom phone module has an integrated camera, which image is transferred to the monitor on the inside, the duplex conversation interface is also integrated.

What if you are not at home?

Due to these features, most access control intercoms has the ability not only to talk directly, but if it has an installed memory card or device with an internal memory, it can record video messages that will be left when you are not at home. If you want to know who is calling you at the door in real time or wants to get inside – meet the smart door call. This is a wireless device that is connected to your home network and can directly redirect calls from your intercom to Internet, straight to your smartphone. In this case, anywhere, anytime, even while away from home, you can see who stands at the door, you will be able to talk and to let enter a person inside or call for help.

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