Card Readers

What are card readers?

Card readers are devices with special hardware and software which use sensors and scanners to scan cards and allow access. The process we are referring to is usually granting access to a room or location. Some people could get them confused and assign them to the category of CCTV solutions. It can certainly be viewed at as a part of CCTV equipment, but in reality card readers are more of a standalone device rather than being related to CCTV cameras.

As a part of wireless (WIFI) and wired video intercommunications and access control systems, card readers are one of the most efficient ways of preventing unwanted access. With a card reader, you can protect an important facility, exclude access to only a select few or add more security to any building and/or location. The device usually does not even require a network connection meaning that WI-FI is not a must. There is a wide variety of cheap card readers for sale on our online store. 

Make sure you pick the right solutions to buy from the right supplier! Do not hesitate to ask for advice!

Where can they be used?

As mentioned, card readers are an excellent measure for access control. You can grant the specific cards and/or passkey combinations to the people within your organisation or the responsible specialists. This is a great device for financial and government institutions, factories, maybe even hotels as well as homeowners.

They should be placed next to gates or doors to create a fully functional access control point.

How much does it cost?

This depends on your choice of device. Since we are a leading supplier in CCTV and access control solutions, we offer a broad range of unique and technically capable products. They are of the highest quality. However, we seek to keep prices low, to seek out a mutually beneficial deal for both sides. Depending on your choice of the card reader, you might end up paying anywhere between 20 or 200 USD. There are exceptions.

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What would recommend?

We would love to give you a good suggestion right away, but we need to gather information before we can do it. Get in touch with us via live chat or fill out the quote online. We will respond and provide purchasing advice. The software is very user-friendly and allows simple manipulation.

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

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