What is needed for video surveillance over the Internet?

All of our recording devices and IP cameras can be connected to the Internet. This way you will be able to monitor an area from any place in the world with an Internet connection, using a smartphone or a computer alike.

The recording device or IP camera is connected to an Internet router with a UTP cable, or wirelessly if it supports WiFi.

If it is unfeasible to set up an Internet connection in the surveillance area, routers with SIM cards offered by mobile network operators can be used; they are connected to the recording device or camera with a LAN cable.

After completing a simple network configuration process of the recording device or camera and port forwarding the router, you will be able to connect to the camera from any place in the world using a computer or smartphone.

An example of port forwarding the router for Hikvision recording devices and cameras:

How to configure GMAIL account to receive notification when cameras detect motion: