32 Channels

What is it?

Network video recorders or NVR’s for short are specialised computers which can record and store the video footage from surveillance cameras. The number of channels (in this case, 32) indicates how many simultaneous streams the NVR can process. In this case, a 32-channel NVR will be able to record video from 32 different cameras all at once. Their software makes it easy to monitor and carry out large-scale video surveillance.

This is a tremendous technological achievement which allows many businesses and establishments to overlook a highly capable video surveillance operation. This is the premium, high-quality choice of gadgetry. Controlled over WIFI, this NVR can overlook any video security operation seamlessly. Thanks to user-friendly software, anyone can make the most of this system!

Where can it be used?

Since its technical capabilities are sky-high, it is best used in an environment where a high need for video surveillance exists. This can be a large factory, convenience store, shopping mall, university, school, parking garage, sports arena or even a bank.

The device should be stored near the monitors and other security equipment. It should be protected from extremely high and low temperatures and moisture.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a 32-channel network video recorder depends on a variety of factors. First of all, is the manufacturer’s own pricing. We mostly resell Hikvision and Dahua NVR’s and subsequently can offer great rates on their products!

Every client can freely browse and compare the price of any individual product on their own. By only looking at the product catalogue, you can see how much any particular unit might cost. Do not forget to look at the sales. If the recorder is ‘For sale’, you can save a great deal when purchasing! Sales mean cheap prices for high-quality online solutions.

What would recommend?

We recommend straying away from making a fast decision to buy just anything. Since this is related to the security of your establishment and property, we strongly advise against budget cuts or heavy compromises. Make sure you are getting the right Dahua or Hikvision gear for a decent price. A 32-channel NVR might be precisely what you need, or there could be a much better solution. If you familiarise us with your situation, we can guide you.

Always ask if you have questions and we will answer them!

Why us?

We are a reliable supplier of Hikvision video surveillance equipment. Our track record shows that we are good at what we do, and clients are always eager to return and do business again! should be your one-stop supplier for all video surveillance and CCTV related needs. Down-to-earth support team, extended warranties and a broad range of network video recorders allow you to find the best options without any trouble!

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

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