4 Channels

What is it?

NVR stands for ‘network video recorder’. It is a device with special software that can write and record video footage from your surveillance equipment. A 4 channel NVR recorder is capable of recording four simultaneous camera feeds.

Most of the time, NVR recorders are connected to a network of IP cameras. These devices fall under the category ‘IP CCTVSystems’.

Where can it be used?

An NVR is a must-have device because, without it, your video surveillance system would not work. All of the footage from your cameras would be lost and remain useless. Implementing it is crucial for any IP CCTV system.

We recommend network video recorders to all of our clients. As a leader in video surveillance solutions, the team at has a wide variety of hardware options. The 4-channel option is a great buy for smaller offices, small or medium-sized convenience stores, parking garages, private territories, etc.

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How much does it cost?

Usually, the 4-channel variants are the most economical choice. They are cheap when compared against 16, 32 or even 64-channel units. However, their build quality and user-friendly software are just the same or very much alike to their more capable counterparts. On our store, the price of any Dahua or Hikvision network video recorders is a bargain. The final price is indicated in the product catalogue, and you can see it before making the buy.

Do not forget to check out sales. If the 4-channel NVR is for sale, you might get a sweet deal.

What would recommend?

It is difficult to provide a recommendation online without knowing your exact needs. We would recommend getting in touch first. After we are familiar with your situation, we can recommend good quality four-channel NVR’s for sale online that will match your expectations.

Nevertheless, if any other suggestions might arise, we will share them with you.

Why us?

As a reliable re-seller and supplier of Dahua and Hikvision IP CCTVsystems, and other video surveillance solutions, we only strive for perfection. Numerous satisfied and returning customers prove that we have selected the right approach.

Moreover, we are ready to help everyone! If there are questions or you need support for software or hardware related problems – drop us a line!

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

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