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8 Channels

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What is it?

Network video recorders are computers with a specific purpose – to record and store video footage in a digital format. To put it in more simple terms, it obtains and saves the video footage from the other part of your IP CCTV system – IP cameras.

Some of these recorders are wireless, making it for effortless setup, maintenance and rearrangement. Others are connected via PoE in Plug-and-play system. The controlling software is user-friendly and responsive. 8-channel NVR recorders are capable of simultaneously recording video from 8 different cameras. 

Where can it be used?

A good network video recorder is a must-have. As an integral part of an IP CCTV video surveillance system, the recorder can be used by any organisation or institution which has a video surveillance system (self-explanatory).

Eight channels mean eight simultaneous individual video feeds. This is excellent quality for small and medium-sized establishments or homeowners. This amount of video cameras can sufficiently cover a large area adequately. High-quality Dahua and Hikvision 8-channel Network video recorders also have user-friendly and capable software.

Hotels, convenience stores, shopping malls, parking garages, gyms, schools and universities can all benefit from such a versatile and capable device. The NVR itself should be located in a confined and secure location. Consider your office or the security building.

How much does it cost?

8-channel NVR’s are amongst the most economical choices. They are quite cheap, compared against comparable 16 or 32 channel devices, yet slightly more costly when lined up versus four-channel units.

The price of this gadget is well worth it since the quality is superb, the functionality is unparalleled and the durability proved by a long list of satisfied clients.

Do not forget to check out sales. It may very well be that the product of your liking is for sale for a discount price!

What would recommend?

We would strongly suggest that you get in touch with us. Only by knowing your exact needs, we can find the appropriate video surveillance solutions. If you decide to buy on your own, you might not be getting the very best option.

Why us?

Because we are a reliable re-seller of Hikvision and have a wide assortment of Dahua IP CCTV systems. Also since represents the best names in the business, we can be depended on to carry out tasks, delegated for a competent video surveillance equipment supplier!

Our online store has a wide assortment CCTV’s and NVR’s for sale which you can buy. We are a supplier you can depend on!

If you have any question, our down-to-earth and very friendly support is always happy to help out!

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

We can deliver to:

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