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Home security cameras

In this category you will find a wide range of home security cameras and home CCTV systems for the best price. We offer a variety of solutions of security cameras for home by use of spaces and situations, so you can find clearly identified product groups in our range, which allow you to choose groups of home security cameras according to your needs and situation.

What can you find?

  • We offer security products for the area around the home, internal security of premises, garages, home security cameras to monitor babysitters, pets, children.
  • We also offer a wide selection of security systems, which will help to ensure your safety and reliable property protection throughout the day.
  • In this category you can find home CCTV system kits that are fully configured and ready for use. Such kits include video recording device, with an appropriate number of video channels, which are connected to CCTV cameras, as well as a hard disk with an optional capacity according to your individual needs, and it will store video records that the camera records. You will be able to review it at any time on your computer or connecting the monitor to the recording devices, and through wiring.
  • We offer pre-manufactured cables that are covered with caps, so if you have specific requirements, please contact us and we will produce cables at the length you need for your home CCTV system.
  • All our kits have the ability to be connected to the Internet for remote live video monitoring or reviewing the records  and management of the device. As a result, security cameras for home (CCTV systems) will always be available to you wherever you are.

Feel free to contact us

If you have any questions or difficulties when choosing a CCTV camera for home, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will help you to choose the best home CCTV  solution at the best price online.