Turbo HD Bullet Cameras
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Turbo HD Bullet Cameras

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What are Hikvision Turbo HD Bullet Cameras?

‘Bullet’ defines a unique type of CCTV cameras. In the world of HD CCTV cameras, there are many unique types of gadgets that are used for video surveillance.

Turbo HD Bullet Camera is a combination of many unique technologies. Let us explain. Turbo HD is a technology developed by the video surveillance equipment manufacturer Hikvision. It allows the broadcast of HD footage over a standard coaxial cable (not WIFI). A bullet type camera is a small device which is usually fixed to the ceiling or an even surface.

Hikvision manufactures and is the supplier of premium quality cheap devices and intuitive software. They work well in low or even zero-light conditions (if they have IR sensors) and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The software Hikvision Turbo HD bullet cameras are equipped with optimises their system performance in all conditions. In short, this is an excellent type of camera which films high-quality footage and is very versatile.

Possible applications

The Turbo HD Bullet Camera will fit right into any video surveillance system. The application possibilities are seemingly limitless. Since they can be mounted virtually anywhere, the popularity of this CCTV equipment is staggering. These cameras can also be fitted in locations where the cable network is already set up since they do not work over WIFI.

As a qualified and experienced re-seller of good and cheap CCTV solutions online, we recommend it. Buy them for office buildings, factories, hotels, private properties, shopping malls, universities and anyone else who are interested in more security.

Depending on the model, it can be fixed on the ceiling, wall or mounted in a particular place to monitor one specific area.

Hikvision Turbo HD bullet cameras cost

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Be on the lookout for supplier sales online. If the Turbo HD bullet camera is for sale, you can buy it for a much lower price. Check out other video surveillance solutions on our catalogue as well.

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