IP Cameras by Type

IP cameras

In this category you will find wide range of IP cameras. We offer variety of resolutions and types of IP CCTV cameras for various indoor and outdoor applications for the best price. Every IP surveillance camera has built-in IR night vision that varies from tens to few hundred meters, therefore cameras can be used in totally dark places to provide excellent clear view for a day-to-day supervision. Some of IP CCTV cameras can be used as stand-alone cameras since such IP cameras can be powered over 12V power adapter and has built-in memory card slot, so footage can be saved locally in camera without investing in recording device for minimum four IP cameras.

What types of camera do we offer?

There are five types of IP security cameras:

  •  Bullet IP camera, which are cylindrical and usually mounted on walls;
  •  Dome CCTV IP camera  – usually mounted on ceilings;
  •  IP security camera that can be manually or automatically controlled over phone, computer, recording device or PTZ cameras’ control board;
  •  Fish eye cameras have wide angle of view that varies from 180 degrees to 360 degrees for a full dimensional view;
  •  Cube cameras are typically used for indoor applications, these cameras usually have microphones to pick up nearby sounds and provide one or two-way communication;

If you cannot find CCTV IP camera that seems right to you, feel free to contact us! We will find the best suiting solution for your situation for the best price and provide you with all the necessary information for a successful IP security camera system installation and operation.